Finish What You Start with Primal Dungeons, Our Magical Project Management System

Quick Task Slayerz Lexicon

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Dungeons in Task Slayerz

Dungeons (projects) -> Rooms (milestones) -> Monsters (Tasks/subtasks)

Task Slayerz Ranks

  • Copper | Novice
  • Bronze | Beginner
  • Silver | Intermediate
  • Gold | Advanced

Primal Dungeons

Water Dungeons | Copper - Direct go-with-the-flow projects; just structure the dungeon and complete it (cleaning a room)
Earth Dungeons | Bronze - Occasionally shifting projects that usually focus on quantity, foresight is most important here (building an audience)
Fire Dungeons | Silver - Projects that spread in a dangerous manner if left uncontrolled (client management)
Air Dungeons | Gold - Constantly shifting projects that usually focus on quality through quantity (releasing a successful indie game)

Recommended Tools

Task Format: SMART Goals (learn what SMART goals stand for)

Water Dungeons - Google Docs or Notion
Earth Dungeons - Google Sheets
Fire Dungeons - Airtable or Notion
Air Dungeons - Notion or Airtable + Google Docs/Sheets

Water Dungeons

Go with the flow

These Copper Rank (novice) dungeons are as direct as rivers. Once you understand the flow all you have to do is get to the end. Water Dungeons are based on the Waterfall methodology of project management, where you start and a project in a direct manner that's in scope, on time, and within budget.

Dungeon Master's Quick Guide to Making a Water Dungeon:

  • In a program like Google Docs, write down the end goal as a SMART goal
  • List the necessary milestones from the start to your end goal
  • Add necessary tasks under each milestone

Earth Dungeons

Stay flexible like a vine, and stubborn like a rock

These Bronze Rank (beginner) dungeons shift like the land. If you can be stubborn in your goals and flexible in your actions you'll be able to reach the end. Earth Dungeons are based on the Quant methodology of project analytics where you start with a goal in mind and work backwards on how you'll achieve this goal. Using the scientific method, as you slay monsters (tasks) you'll be able to track how well you're doing to optimize how you reach better outcomes faster.

Dungeon Master's Quick Guide to Making an Earth Dungeon:

  • Decide if you'll track the project weekly or monthly
  • In a Google Sheet, based on your projects length and tracking frequency add tracking periods (Month 1, Week 1, etc), make sure to skip column 1 (Month 1 would be in column 2)
  • Underneath the tracking periods add date ranges
  • Add your end goal to your last tracking period
  • Based on your end goal and frequency breakdown your end goal into achievable milestones for each tracking period
  • In column 1 make sure to skip row 1 and add the actions you'll track during each period to achieve your goal (try to keep your actions to minimum recurring actions that will lead to your goal)

Fire Dungeons

Burn bright, yet stay controlled

These Silver Rank (intermediate) dungeons spread quickly like flame. With a bright passion and a controlled focus you'll see the end. Fire Dungeons are based on Agile project management methodology where you

Dungeon Master's Quick Guide to Making an Fire Dungeon:

  • The quickest way to setup a Fire dungeon is to combine two water dungeons together
  • As an example you may setup a water dungeon for a client project, but then realize you need another water dungeon to manage multiple clients
  • It's a Waterfall-style project system however you're managing multiple projects of the same type (one waterfall) using the same system (another waterfall)
    • If needed, different systems (sub-waterfalls) that need to be tracked by the same type (top waterfall) can be created to manage various systems that are used under similar circumstances (clients, blogging, etc)

Quick Note: We named these dungeons "Fire Dungeons" because they require a blazing passion to complete. In traditional project management, Fire Dungeons are how managers coordinate multiple teams.

Air Dungeons (Coming Soon)

These Gold Rank (advanced)...

Coming soon...Dark & Light Dungeons...Legends say as an adventurer gilded in platinum arises the gates of dark will descend, taming these surprises a diamond's light that will lead one to their mark.