Task Slayerz Loot (Free Resources)

We release free resources to help people use healthy game-like methods and processes to align, focus, and pursue their dreams.

Resources Last Updated: 1/4/24

Word of the Year Generator

Thinking about a word to focus your 2024? Too many words to choose from? Let our generator assist in aligning your year with a focus word by entering your core themes.

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Personal Mantra Generator

Need a magical chant to keep you focused and aligned during 2024? Use our personal mantra generator and have a magical mantra built upon your core themes.

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SMART Goal Generator

Having trouble succeeding in your goals? In need of a framework for goal achievement? Use our SMART Goal generator to enhance your goal setting.

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Personal Manifestation Generator (Coming Soon)

Need help writing personal manifestation affirmations? These powerful tools will help you align your mindset to achieving goals and grabbing hold of dreams.


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