About Task Slayerz

About Task Slayerz

Hello Hero! Welcome to Task Slayerz!

A Productivity System Where You Reach Success
Through Slaying Tasks and Completing Quests

In a world where attention spans are decreasing and distractions are but a click away, staying focused on your long-term goals can feel like an uphill battle.

Enter Task Slayerz, a revolutionary way of managing tasks and projects!

We're not an app, but a mindset, a philosophy, an epic adventure where every task brings you one step closer to your goal.

Learn how to implement Task Slayerz in your day to day, week to week, month to month life by checking out our Full System Overview!

Our Philosophy

Task Slayerz is a fusion of elements from the exciting world of Dungeons & Dragons, the practical effectiveness of Agile project management, and the innovative spirit of Ash Maurya's Continuous Innovation Framework.

We've devised a holistic system for gamifying task, project, and life management. Instead of viewing your to-do list as a mundane set of chores, we help you see it as a quest filled with monsters to slay and dungeons to conquer.

How Task Slayerz Works

In Task Slayerz, tasks become monsters, with each completion earning you points. Projects transform into dungeons, with milestones acting as rooms filled with both riches and challenges.

Each conquered task, each vanquished monster, and each completed project allow you to rank up from Copper to Bronze, Silver, Gold, and beyond.

The thrill of the game keeps you engaged, the clear structure keeps you organized, and the sense of progress keeps you motivated.


Task Slayerz is designed to integrate with most modern project and task management platforms such as Airtable, Notion, Coda, Monday.com, and more.

You don't have to uproot your current systems – you can weave the Task Slayerz philosophy into your existing structure and enjoy a seamless transition into a more engaging and productive way of working.

Our Vision

At Task Slayerz, our mission is to revolutionize task management. We believe that by transforming our long-term goals into an epic adventure, we can stay focused and become the heroes of our own stories. Our approach is designed to foster engagement, boost motivation, and make task completion more rewarding.

We plan to grow Task Slayerz into a comprehensive system for gamifying not just task and project management, but life management as a whole. Our vision is to create a world where productivity doesn't feel like a chore, but an adventure you can't wait to embark on.

Join us on this thrilling journey. Let's begin our task slaying!